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Dynamic Control Systems Services

Dynamic Control Systems, Inc offers complete installation and support for Facility Explorer by Johnson Controls and related Tridium based building automation products for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Our highly trained and experienced personnel provide complete solutions for energy management, building automation, sustainability engineering and other requirement related to facility management and associated budget control. Customers value our predictable budgeting, reliability focus, flexibility in configuration, price performance, strong customer support, and extensive interoperability utilizing Facility Explorer by Johnson Controls and the larger family of interoperable Tridium solutions.

Service & Repair

At Dynamic Controls Systems, we are committed to customer service and our phones are answered by knowledgeable staff 24 hours day. When you choose Dynamic technicians, you can be confident you are receiving dependable service from highly trained industry experts.

Technical Support

Dynamic Control Systems field technicians use remote analysis and embedded F D & D (Fault Detection and Diagnosis) of system performance prior to service calls, ensuring time- and cost-efficiencies. They use system optimized computers to speed the troubleshooting front end of the service delivery process to diagnose problems correctly and fix problems the first time.

Control System Design

At Dynamic Control Systems we are working at bettering our relationship with our customers as well as expanding the Building Automation and Controls markets to new levels by staying on the cutting edge of technological developments. We have developed very effective programming, procedures and techniques to get our customers in control of their facilities – our focus in comfort and reliability first in a energy efficient manner.

Control System Installation – Our Safety Commitment

We make it our priority on keeping our job environments safe for our customers as well as our employees. We believe that knowledge is power, and in this case power to stay safe, which is why it is our job to make safety a priority through consistent and frequent safety training for our employees as well as informing our customers of potential hazards that they may encounter during the process of our work.

System Consultation & Updates

Tridium Niagara N4 system update(s). If you have a facility that is currently using the Tridium AX Platform and would like to have your system upgraded to Niagara N4, Dynamic Control Systems has Tridium Niagara N4 Certified Technicians that can provide these services.


Because it is not always possible to get away for training, Dynamic Control Systems offers affordable, customized, classroom or on-site technical training for building owners, building managers, system operators and technicians.

Controller Programming

The foundation of a good controls system is programming. Our engineers and programmers know our products inside and out, and we understand how each change effects equipment the system as a whole. We have a thorough understanding of the mechanical systems, electrical systems, and lighting systems that we work on. Often proper DDC programming can be the difference between an inefficient and poorly functioning HVAC system and an energy efficient reliable system.


Dynamic Control Systems offers AX and N4 Building Management System Enhancements to provide a tailored experience for your systems users. We offer Equipment Specific Design Graphics, 2D and 3D Floor plans, and a variety of system navigation enhancements.